I am a fitness fan, I used to visit the gym 3, 4 times a week. However, since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, I started to hesitate as people at the gym seldom wear a mask. I stopped going to gym and started to do home exercise, it’s the same case for those fitness gurus who posts massive home exercise videos on YouTube and IG.

I want to ensure that all fitness and health followers will enjoy having a way to maintain their fitness goals without being jeopardized by the impact of the Coronavirus where in many places social distancing are imposed, prompting the closure of fitness clubs and gyms. I want them to know we are here to give them instructions to stay equally fit, healthy and beauty even without needing to leave home.



I hope all fitness, health and beauty followers will be motivated, keep up their works towards their goals. The impact of the Coronavirus will be lengthy, we are going to adapt a new life style to cope with it. Enjoy life, enjoy spending time at home doing what’s right, be fit, healthy and beautiful.



Inevitably, we have to accept the fact that we have to adapt to a new life style to cope with the impact caused by the Coronavirus. Social distancing, avoid group gathering, wear a mask in public……..etc. We will be having less gathering whilst spending more time at home. I hope all my visitors will enjoy spending their time on my website.