We are experiencing country lockdown, social distancing and temporary close of facilities including gyms and fitness centers due to the global outbreak of Corvid19.

Even so, it should not cause a halt to our fitness goals. We should find our way out of the adverse environment to sustain our daily lives in the hope that we grow and change to master the forthcoming challenges.

Most of us spend more time at home than we ever did as we work from home and should stay home due to social distancing. On a bright side, it is a perfect opportunity to keep you fitter and healthier than ever. Reason being we have lesser hangouts and eat outs with friends, you have total control of what kind of food to be replenished into your cupboard and fridge. Also an unprecedented moment you have more control over your daily schedule. Why not to start some home exercise workout and ride on this opportunity to grow new habits for the well-being living to overcome the Corvid19 threat.