The purpose of snacking is to satisfy craving for food between meal times, often out of boredom and habit (addition). There are chances we have a need for something to munch during an intense engagement of our mind. During our work time is one of the most popular events, we often see colleagues eating gums, candies, potato crisps and even doughnuts shortly before or after lunch hours. Snacking helps to raise sugar level rapidly, hence a short term mind booster. But it also causes long term health effects when snacking develops into a regular habit.

The commonly known fact is, most snack are unhealthy as they are highly processed usually low in fiber, nutrients (vitamins, minerals and antioxidants) but high in calories (empty calories), sugars, salts and saturated fat and trans fat, more so, sugar and salt are incredibly addictive. As long as your body enjoys being fed by sugar and salt regularly, this memory develops in your brain, your body will automatically alarm you when they are in need of it. This can also easily explain why quitting a snacking habit isn’t an easy task, it is also a mind wrestling game. Therefore communicating with your mind and body is a key part to win over this game.

For serious snack lover

If you are a serious snack lover, this sounds really a “mission impossible” if you were asked to totally cut your snack immediately. We aren’t robots, we don’t have a “reset” button to immediately erase our long formed habit. What’s the best do to ourselves is that we communicate with our body by providing some replacement snack with better or lower bad stuff in it. A “low calorie snack mix package” would be your ideal starting point. Nevertheless, it is still strongly suggested that you should implement appropriate control over the frequency and how often you eat your snack.

Healthy Snack Alternatives

There are healthy snack, yes no joking. Snack is somewhat a reward to please our mind when demands arise, it can be anything such as fruits, beverages, chewing gums, and even water. Thanks to the cunning snack advertisements who educated the public that eating snack means eating potato crisps, candies, crackers………etc. In fact, snack can be anything of your choice between healthy and unhealthy. It’s just that simple.

Despite the fact that unhealthy snack available on the supermarket shelves are handy and sometimes very cheap, but bear in mind that our price to pay is our long term health and body shape ====> our goal. Let’s do something to reverse it now by taking a look at the list of healthy snack alternatives here.

  • Superfood Pouches. This organic fruits and veggie pouch is packed with fiber, proteins, antioxidants, etc in this little packet. It is small but fulfilling, it ensures you with satiety yet not overly fed. It is a great option to satisfy your sweet tooth without worrying about fat, sugar, addictive and so on.
  • Medjool dates, pitted or non pitted. Medjool date is well-known popular food in the Middle East, it is called bread in the dessert. It is nutrition and fiber rich, creamy texture and sweet, it supports healthy digestion, the sweet taste comes from the natural fruit sugar that will not cause a sharp rise in the blood stream, it is a low glycemic indexed food. After all, excessive amount of sugar is not recommended for weight watcher, therefore it is suggested only taking 2-3 dates as a snack replacement at a time.
  • Unsalted mixed nuts. Unsalted mixed nuts is the right option as there might be added fat, sugar and sale in the roasted nuts. Therefore the unflavored option is best. Mixed nuts is one of the most popular snack alternative, however, nuts contain fat hence a considerable portion of intake is suggested. A note worth to take is that peanut in fact is legume species rather than nuts, peanuts may cause acute allergic response. So please watch out to this carefully if you have any allergic concerns.


Homemade Healthy Snack Ideas – Energy Ball (No Cook)

No doubt everyone agrees homemade food are better as we know what ingredients are used and how they are cooked. I often have people tell me that they don’t have time to prepare, it is fully understandable, but how about if you could have that one no cook 15 minutes recipe that you can prepare once for a good supply for yourself and family for over a week or so? That makes the thing sounds much more attainable, correct?! Let’s get started now!!

  1. Pitted Medjool Dates. Mash them gently with a fork until they look smooth
  2. Granola. The amount of granola is approximately half portion of the mashed dates (don’t mixed them yet)
  3. Black sesame seeds. A teaspoonful of black sesame seeds to the granola to elevate the taste of the energy ball
  4. Cinnamon powder. Lastly a pinch of cinnamon powder also to elevate the overall taste (you may also add a pinch of fine pink salt as your personal option).
  5. Now mix everything evenly together then take a handful of the mix to make it a ball as large or small as you like.
  6. Dark chocolate powder. At last, coat the balls with dark chocolate powder and/or shredded coconuts.
  7. Save them in an air tight box and put in the fridge, they can be kept up to 2 weeks.



Normally people require very strong will-power to quit snack, just like how smokers quit smoking. There are people who tried quitting and failing many times, but before giving up there are some good strategies you may consider trying.

As an alternative, you may try another approach by gradually reducing the amount and the variety of snack, cut down the frequency and prolong the intervals. Try to delay the response to your craving alarm, and to control and train it by replacing with some good snack options suggested above.

It takes time to form a habit so it is fair that it also takes an amount of time to break it and switch to a new one. There is no unchangeable habit through mental and physical efforts, it’s just a matter of time, patience and persistence!