I wear tank tops and sleeveless t-shirts throughout the whole summer, I am not shy to show my arms as I work hard to make them proud. Very often I receive compliments for my arms, I even got people I don’t know come forward to ask me arms toning tips. If you also want to enjoy wearing your favorite clothes, take radical actions now!!


Standing (or sitting) Lateral Raise

This is an exercise you are going to enjoy doing during the day. I recommend you to do a minimum of 200 reps a day, don’t be scared off too soon…..you have freedom to break it down to 20-30 reps each. I do 30 reps every time when I am in the toilet, this would easily make up the daily minimum given the fact that we go to toilet at least 6, 7 times a day. I also do 30 reps the moment I am out of bed. What do you think, it’s a lot easier than you thought, right?! So add it to your daily life.

  • Extend your arms laterally, keep straight
  • Focus on your shoulder muscles, don’t bend the elbows and the wrists
  • Start raise arms up and down (engage shoulder muscles, not initiate by the hands)
  • 30 flies per set
  • Advanced version – Hold water bottles in both hands to perform the raise

Standing (or sitting) Water Bottle Shoulder Press

This up and down movement with weight will benefit your shoulders, deltoids, and the major muscles of your arms. Workout with weight will enable fat burning, you are advised to increase weight progressively. Don’t mess it by being too aggressive.

  • Start by holding water bottles in both hands
  • Raise the water bottles to shoulder height
  • Rotate your wrists to make sure your palms are facing forward
  • Push your bottles upward as you exhale
  • Take a small pause
  • Slowly lower the bottles back down to shoulder height while inhaling.
  • Repeat 10 reps. Rest and repeat for 3 times.

Wall Angles

This exercise will get your shoulders and triceps (the flabby muscle) on fire. You are going to love it and hate it. Having said that, you will certainly be convinced by the result.

  • Start with a wall squat position. For beginners, you are suggested to further straighten your legs to a mini squat level.
  • Raise your hands up to your ear level, engage your core at all time or it will harm your knees if you load the weight on them.
  • Start to push your arms upward and downward, remember your shoulder and arms should maintain contact with the wall.
  • Up and down is 1 rep, do 20 reps. Rest and repeat 3 times.


Plank; Side Plank

Plank is a very effective pose to improve strength and endurance for the whole body. When planking, the arms are actively engaged, you may slowly lean forward and backward to add further challenges to your routine. The primary target is holding the pose for 5 min a day, try to prolong to increase the challenge and for a better toning result.

  • Use a yoga mat as it provides more padding for your elbows
  • Start with a cat cow pose (yoga), i.e., crawling position
  • Rest your forearms on the mat (elbows are as wide as your shoulders)
  • Keep your upper arms straight, i.e, elbows and shoulders are positioned on a straight line for both arms
  • Extend and straighten your legs one by one, keep sole of the foot straight
  • Keep your spine straight. Do not arch your back or sagging your hips
  • Neck should be in line with your body, not tilted
  • Keep breathing in and out with a relaxing rythum
  • Intermediate version – slowly lean forward and backward
  • Advanced version – put two feet together, turn left forearms to point at your right arm then turn your face and body to the right and raise your right hand in the air (i.e., your body weight is supported by your left arm and your feet) Note to take, keep your body straight from head to toe, don’t drop your head and your hips). Hold for 10 breaths then change side.


Shaped arms

You don’t have to be a gym regular to attain a pair of shaped arms. Simply adapt the lateral raise alone is a good starter that would be able to shape your arms to an extent.  There are many quick fix or slim your arms in 7 days posts on the internet, if you give a little walk through on the posts, the biggest advice in common is “persistence”.  Don’t start 7 days then stop and expect the result; I want to be honest with you, it won’t work that way.  Choose one exercises from the above to work on it “every day“, feel free to change between them when you are ready for other challenges. Be persistent, be stubborn, you will bear the fruit through real efforts.  You will be overwhelmed when you receive your first compliment for your toned arms.