Most carbohydrates in pasta, pizzas, breads, grains, potatoes are starch, we discussed in other posts that excessive carbohydrate will turn into glycogen thus store in our body to cause weight gain. But bear in mind that carbohydrate is essential to the operation of our body, it’s the fuel for our muscles. Hence, it is recommended to include carbohydrate in your meal before workouts and exercises.  As the general rule of thumb, it is a smart take to keep carbohydrate consumption to the lowest level on the day not having exercise.  By cutting carbohydrate alone for a few days, you will observe a flatter tummy and a slimmer waistline, your body will somewhat be trimmed.  However, we don’t recommend to cut carbohydrate to none, as just mentioned, this is fuel source for our muscle and a healthy life style  should be after a well balanced diet.

There are some types of starch are resistant to digestion, hence it’s named “RESISTANT STARCH“. The benefit of it is not just to keep us full, it also promotes many positive health effects to our body. Resistant starch ferments in large intestine and feeds the good bacteria in your gut that increases the bacteria mass, it helps to stimulate the colons activities and increase metabolic rate.

How to prepare your food to retain the unique health benefit? and what kind of food has the unique property?


How to prepare “Resistant Starch” food

  • Let’s use potato as an example. After boiling, let cool for few hours or sit in fridge overnight, you may reheat or eat out of fridge. The cooling process helps to recapture the resistant starch property
  • It’s the as simple as the same cook –> cooling for few hours or refrigerating process for other foods consist of carbohydrate, although not all carbohydrate foods are the same as different food has their unique property
  • Do you meal prep overnight will enable more benefit to your weight loss plan


Bean and Legumes

  • Bean and legumes provide a large amount of fiber and resistant starch. Most of them are also rich in plant based proteins and numerous micro minerals
  • Be mindful to consume the right amount of them  as beans and legumes may cause bloating and gas
  • I will discuss with you more about FODMAP diet on another post.  There are a list of healthy food that some of us with different bowel health conditions may have to avoid


Plain white rice has over >50% of carbohydrates, comparing to potatoes, rice is a high calorie food.  No surprises, this is the food that gym goers normally ignore.  It is understandable that in many countries rice is their major diet, below cooking process may help to reduce carbohydrate and increase resistant starch it would help to make rice a relatively less guilty food.  But plain white rice should be avoided by diabetic patients, it’s a high glycemic indexed food.  Almost all doctors advise their diabetic patients to quit eating plain rice.  GOOD NEWS is, there a sugar reducing rice cooker available on the market, it is claimed that the cooking process will reduce more than 35% of sugar in the rice.  That’s truly an awesome invention for diabetic patients who loves rice.

  • This is a convenient and low-cost way to reduce the level of starch in our rice
  • Cool the cooked rice for few hours or sit in fridge overnight, you may reheat before eating


  • Oats is no doubt one of the most popular breakfast selection. I’ve shared in another post to show how to prepare overnight oats for breakfast
  • The overnight oat is an unquestionable resistant starch loaded starter for every morning.

Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes

Potato isn’t the culprit to weight gain, many people has some misconception about them because they are often linked to junk foods and obesity.  Potato itself is a low calorie food with fiber, potassium and vitamins.  However, it’s just the unhealthy way of cooking turns them into monsters.  Fries and potato crisps, no doubt, they are greasy, high in calories and sodium, also the high temperature cooking process produces trans-fat that is known to have numerous harmful effects to our heart health.  Sodium is an additive, that explains why people loves fries and potato crisps that they don’t get tired eating them everyday.  Even so, they couldn’t find a way to stop eating and craving for them.

Potato and sweet potatoes are innocently good when they are being treated in a nice way to make them nutritious, tasty and healthy.

  • Either grill or boil the potatoes/sweet potatoes. Let cool for few hours or refrigerate them overnight before eating
  • Reheat or eat them out of fridge is totally up to you as it won’t cause too much difference in the level of resistant starch


There are certainly some bread, paste, pizza, rice, potato lovers out there. We are only doing things to upset you if you are asked to cut all your beloved foods, your life won’t be the same anymore, by doing that will only cause you harm more than anything.  You will either return to your old living pattern or turn your head to seek other opinions.  Either way is no good.  I do want want to see anyone being upset, that is not my principle and purpose at all.  I had a happy fitness journey, so will you.

The ultimate spirit of achieving weight loss or fitness goals should also to best sustain a healthy body and mind (or mood). There is no point to compromise any of these just to drop 1 or 2 dress sizes.  You shouldn’t be crying to work on your dream figure, this won’t last.  Enjoy the progress, everyone’s pace is different, but we all should stay joyful along the journey.  It’s a matter of trial and error, lose and tight process.  There is no one size fit all solution.

A well balance between health, fitness and happiness are equally optimal.